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2017-2018 Musical Saints

Whole Note
Jon and Lisa NewellSheri and Peter Jones in memory of Kayla Lehmann
Georgette Nootens
Bruce and Peggy Steinberg
Half Note
Quarter Note
up to $49
Joe and Jill Adduci
Doug and Nancy Allen
Megan Bockenhauer
Jeff and Denise Burhop
Rich and Therese Fritsch
Geoffrey and Sarah Hardwick
Jeff and Melanie Henrikson
Michael and Julie Landers
Patrick Deasey and Rachel Olech
Mark and Joelle Solomon
Peter and Nan Allen
Paul and Bernadeta Anthoney
Tony Barker and Amanda Van Eycke
Matt and Corine Bryant
Alicia Dennis
Mike and Anna Di Cicco
Dave and Laura Fanning
Dan and Marybeth Fiden
Jeff and Carolyn Funke
Matt and KrisAnn Gadow
Rob and MaryEllen Gephart
Eric and Becky Groth
Mike and Grace Herman
Rajeev and Elizabeth Jain
Rick and Laura Kennedy
Shelly Klem
Mike and Deanna Loomis
Mark and Amy Majewski
Jeff and Laurie Maniglia
Rocco and Bonnie Marinucci
Carl and Christina Miller
Colleen Mokave
Scott and Tracy Morling
Michael and Kathryn Nawrocki
Ken and Mary Olsen
Daniel and Jennifer Prath
Rick and Jackie Rosenfeldt
John and Ann Santucci
Robert and Veronique Saxe
Kevin and Holly Slattery
Gina Settipani
Reshma Suvarna
Jamie and Betsy Walsh

During the transition to our new website, some 2017-2018 donors may have inadvertently been left off this list. Please let us know if your name needs to be added.

On behalf of all the members of the STCE Music Boosters
and the Directors of the St. Charles East Music Programs,
we wish to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to all of our supporters.

We couldn’t run our amazing programs without you!!