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2019-2020 Musical Saints – Coming Soon!

2018-2019 Musical Saints

Whole Note
Joe and Jill Adduci
Mark and Agina Armstrong
Ryan and Teresa Bundy
Steve and Eva Coker
The Grohe Family
The Groth Family
Bob and Sue Masulis
Bruce and Peggy Steinberg
Donnie Wahlberg
Doug and Nancy Allen
Ryan C. Freas and Pat Ashbaugh
Lelizza Atilano
The Barbosa Family
The Denker Family
David and Angela Dowat
Tim and Mary McHenry
Bonnie McManus O’Donnell
Steve and Jill Pearce
Douglas Peck
Kirk and Jen Petrine
The Swan Family
Steven and Alvatina Thomas
Kevin and Janet Wixted
Half Note
Quarter Note
up to $49
The Abbs Family
The Bijonowski Family
Allyson Brewer
Matt and Corine Bryant
Ryan and Teresa Bundy
Marty and Sherri Clarke
Debbie Eckhart
Rob and MaryEllen Gephart
Eric and Susanna Graham
Clint and Amy Hull
Gerry and Darcy Jacobus
Renee Kamysz
Craig and Catey Kinnison
David and Debbie Mann
Rocco and Bonnie Marinucci
Tim and Carol McAdams
Mike, Kathy and Annette McGinley
The McGinley Family
Benedicta Menezes
Mike And Marianne Michelotti
Patrick Deasey and Rachel Oltch
Daniel and Jennifer Prath
Paula Price
Maria Sanchez
Kim Fey Wahlberg
Cecile White
Todd and Cheryl Wiley
Donna Woelffer
Mark and Judi Andersen
Mark and Amy Bishop
William and AnnMarie Burke
Tina Burnet
Dan and Jennifer Duffy
Mr. And Mrs. Michael Giovacchini
The Goetsch Family
Dina Ravenscraft and Maureen Hayes
Keith and Betty Kohler
Brianna Kustman
Scott and Ann Loehrke
Mike and Deanna Loomis
Mark and Peggy Rafferty
Holly Slattery
Elzbieta Taylor
The Webb Family (In loving memory of Kayla Lehmann)
The Wohld Family
John and Sara Wolfsmith
Matt, Gini and Lowell Yarusso

On behalf of all the members of the STCE Music Boosters
and the Directors of the St. Charles East Music Programs,
we wish to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to all of our supporters.

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