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2020-2021 Musical Saints

Whole Note
Julie and Mark Anderson
Scott Reder and Family
Lisa Dandre
Marybeth and Dan Fiden
Dan and Dana Franzetti
Lisa and Jonathan Newell
Georgette Nootens
The McClure Family
The Orr Family
The Wilbur Family
Half Note
Quarter Note
up to $49
The Anderson-Krugman Family
Curt and Deb Barrett in memory of Peg Hannah
The Bijonowski Family
The Bishop Family
Krista Brunson
The Denker Family
Mary Gaffney
The Graham Family
Sara Heuser
Craig and Catey Kinnison
Lee Kolodziej
The Marinucci Family
Mike and Judy McClure
Janit and Ruben Ramos
The Windsor Family
Laurie DeMeyer
April Dutcher
Jenny and Jeff Gerard
Mr. and Mrs. Giovacchini
Kathleen Granzyk
Katherine Grimes
John and Bridget Hayes
Elizabeth King
Janice Kravitz
Angela Kreeger
Kristine Lynn
Suzanne Melton
Beth Niemann
Sherry Steinke
Jackie Zolna

On behalf of all the members of the STCE Music Boosters
and the Directors of the St. Charles East Music Programs,
we wish to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to all of our supporters.

We couldn’t run our amazing programs without you!!